Wireless & Radio Equipment

Wireless and Radio Equipments cover devices having transceivers. Most of the countries in the world requires type approval of the wireless and radio equipments to ensure compliance with regulatory regime. Many countries even do not allow import and sale of radio equipments without regulatory approval and wireless license from regulatory authorities.

Wireless Equipments

These equipments includes GSM, CDMA and WiMAX handsets and terminal equipments, Wirless Local Area Network equipmtns, Wi-Fi Devices, Bluetooth Devices, RFID Tags and Scanners, satellite modems, Zigbee devices, broadband access devices etc.

Radio Equipments

Radio equipments include Walkei-Talkie hand sets, Amateur Radios, marine radios, toy radios etc.

Conformity assessment of wireless and radio equipment generally focuses on prevention of undue interference with other devices operating in the same frequency band and devices operating in adjacent bands. EMC & EMI characteristics and electrical & mechanical safety is also included to prevent unintentional interference with other devices and harm to users.